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Grade with Rubric


A rubric is an important tool for showing your expectations on different assignments. In this article we will show you how to grade with a rubric.
  • In your course click grade center
  • Select needs grading
  • Find the student and assignment that you want to grade
  • Click the students name and you should be taken to a grading menu for this students assignment submission
  • Click the rubric on the right side of the screen
  • From here you can choose how well they met each rubric requirement
    • Note if you click the feedback check box you can leave feed back for each rubric item
  • The total will be displayed at the bottom
    • Note: If you want to override this total click the empty cell next to it and change the score as you wish
  • When you have finished click save rubric
  • Finish up by leaving feedback on the assignment as a whole and then click submit

For Assistance

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