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Guest Access


This document explains how to use the guest access feature.


Guest access can be used to grant guest lecturers, potential students, or other users who are not directly participating in your course. Here at Boise State University guest access in disabled in all course sites by default. If you choose to enable guest access then anyone with access to the internet potentially could access some of your course material.

Enable guest access

  • Click customization from the course control panel menu
  • Click Guest and Observer Access
    • Note: Observer access is not used at Boise State University
  • Click Yes to allow guest access
  • Click Submit
  • Click customization from the course control panel menu
  • Click Tool Availability
  • Check the appropriate open boxes in the visible to guest column
    Note: Observer access is not used at Boise State University
  • Click Submit
  • You must also permit guest access to your individual course menu items, content areas only, i.e. Course document, Course information, Assignments, etc.;
    • Select the drop down menu to the right of your course menu item
    • Select permit guests

Note: The course must be available to students to be viewable by guests. Make course available to students.

Steps to view your course as a guest

  • To view as a guest, have the guest (you can do this too) go to
  • Click on Preview as Guest link below the Don’t have an account?
  • In the Course search box, top left, type in your course name or course ID #, then click search
  • This will take you to the Browse Course Catalog page
  • If you don’t see the course listed, here you can search by the instructor, course site ID, name or description
  • Click the active Blackboard Learn course ID link
  • You are now viewing the course as a guest

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):