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Import Package


This pages describes how to use the import package function in your Blackboard course.


Instructors may use the Import Package page to upload Course materials from another Course. For example, if they have exported a Course they may import the whole Course package, or selected parts of the Course through Import Package. Never upload an Exported Course package that has been edited since it was created and downloaded. Opening the .ZIP file and changing any of the files in the Exported Course package will result in unstable and unpredictable behavior when the Course is imported.

  • Click packages and utilities from the control panel menu
  • Select Import Package/View Logs
  • Select Import Package
  • Browse to the Package (course zip file) you want to import
  • Check the appropriate boxes for the Course Materials you want to import
  • Click Submit
  • You should see Success: This action has been queued.  An email will be sent when the process is complete
  • When Import process is complete you will see the created log file(s) after selecting Import Package/View logs in your control panel packages and utilities sub-menu again
    • You can click on the log file to view any errors that may have occurred during the import process

For Assistance

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