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Inability to Reorder Content


This document provides instructions on how to correct the inability to reorder content.

This is caused by cutting and pasting directly into Blackboard.  Sometimes there is some hidden HTML (formatting) code that prevents reordering items, among other issues.

  • To correct click on all the items to find the last one on the page that I can move (reorder).  That’s the culprit
  • Edit the item, highlight and copy the text
  • Click on <> icon, 3rd from the end (not the one with the green check mark).  This will display all the hidden HTML code
  • Highlight and delete all the code
  • Click on <> again, this returns you to the regular text editor
  • Click on the last icon in the last row, this should give you a drop down menu
  • Select Paste from Word.  This will pop up another window
  • Click in the window and press Ctrl and C (short cut for copy)
  • Click submit
  • Click submit again
  • You should now be able to reorder the items

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):