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Introduction to Blackboard Goals


This introductory article explains how Blackboard Goals can be used in a Blackboard Course Site.

Grades can be misleading. An assignment or test can measure how much a student has learned about multiple subjects, but is typically measured with one grade. To help measure and demonstrate student mastery in complex subjects, you can create course goals. Goals are specific and measurable concepts that students should strive for as they complete coursework.

Institutions can also demonstrate that their programs and curriculum are effective by aligning course content and activities with goals in Blackboard Learn.

Basic overview of the Blackboard Goals process:

  • Create Goals:
  • Set Goals Up in Blackboard:
    • Once Goals are created, an official Department representative can email with a request to set up the established goals be entered into Blackboard.
  • Associate Goals to Course Site:
    • This step instructs Blackboard to provide users with a default set of Goals when aligning the Goals to content.
  • Align Goals with Content:
    • Once the Goals are set up in Blackboard, Instructors can align the course content to one or multiple Goals in Blackboard.
      • The types of content items that can be aligned with Goals include:
        • Discussion Board Forums and Threads
        • Learning Modules
        • Lesson Plans
        • Folders
        • Blogs
        • Journals
        • Tests
        • Individual Test Questions
        • Assignments
        • Grade Center Columns
  • Use Data:
    • Instructors run course reports to examine how course content matches up with the Department/Institution Goals and how students are performing against goals.
    • Goal information is updated 1 time per day.

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