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Large Class Grading with Smart Views


Within a large class it may be in your best interest to have multiple users grade student assignments. In this document we will show you how to separate users into separate smart views for grading purposes.
  • Click Create Smart View
  • Give the Smart View a name
  • Click the checkbox next to add as favorite so it will show up under full grade center in the control panel
  • For type of view you have two options:
    • Course Group- Select this if you have separated your students into groups using the groups tool
      • Note: Group allows the instructors to select a Group, which was created in the course. Groups are subsections created in the User Management Area of the Control Panel. They are a collection of students selected by the Instructor. You can use this to separate the class sections in a merged course site
    • User- Select this if you want to select individual users

Picture of the Smart view Options

  • Once you have made a choice of groups or users you can use ctrl while clicking to select multiple users or groups
  • Use the filter results options to choose what is visible within the Smart View
  • Click Submit

For Assistance

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