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Organize the Grade Book


In this document you will learn how to organize the grade book and customize the Grade Center in Blackboard Learn.


All the Grade Center functions are initiated from the Grade Center page. This view is customizable, giving Instructors the ability to sort items in ways to maximize efficiency and to view student information with a minimum of scrolling.

Columns can selectively be revealed and hidden from the Grade Center to reduce scrolling. Columns can be categorized in order to filter or sort them together. Columns can also be assigned a Grading Period to sort them together.

The Grade Center, by default, lists Students’ First and Last Names first. Students may be listed by username or Student ID as well, depending on how the Grade Center has been organized. Columns for gradable items and calculations of sets of graded items appear across the page. Icons display in cells to signify the availability of students, the visibility of items to students, and the status of Gradable Items, providing a current view of the state of the Grade Center.

This document assumes that you have logged into and have entered a course site where you have faculty access.

Accessing the grade center

  • From the Control Panel Click on the Grade Center link
  • Select Full Grade Center
    • The Grade Center: Full Grade Center appears
  • Maximize your Grade Center view by clicking on the Show/Hide Course Menu Button (<<)
    • The Course Menu Frame will disappear

Sorting the grade center

To facilitate seeing Grade Center data in different ways, Instructors, TAs, and Graders may sort all visible columns within the Grade Center based on different criteria including:

  • Categories – User defined categories or default categories to identify the type of gradable item such a Test or Lab Report
  • Due Date – Instructor defined date that a gradable item is due
  • Creation Date – The date that a gradable item is created in the system
  • Points Possible – Instructor defined total number of points a gradable
    item is worth
  • Display Name – Instructor defined name for the gradable item

Note: Sorting based on the criteria defined here is not saved across sessions (persistent). It will last only as long as the current session. Once the browser is closed, the view will default back to its set default view.

Showing and hiding users

Users can be hidden from the Grade Center View, reducing the number of rows in the grid. Hidden users are not deleted from the Grade Center, and can be revealed at any time. To hide users follow these steps:

  • Select Row Visibility from the Manage menu
  • In the Row Visibility Screen Check the users to be hidden
  • Click Hide Users
  • Click Submit

Users that are hidden will appear grayed out on the Users page and will not appear in the Grade Center View.

Organizing the grade center

The Column Organization page aids in configuring the Grade Center display. The Grade Center display can be customized to:

  • Freeze or unfreeze columns. If a column is frozen, when scrolling through the Grade Center view, that column will remain stationary
  • Hide or show columns
  • Edit the Categories of columns
  • Edit the Grading Periods of columns

Some of these changes can be implemented through the drag-and-drop capabilities of the page.

To change the display of the Grade Center, follow these steps:

  • Click Column Organization from the Manage Menu
  • Select the Grade Center column (displayed on the screen as a row) to be moved by clicking and holding the crossing arrows to the left of the row.
  • Drag and drop the row to the desired location
  • Click Submit to save the changes

Once the display order of the columns has been changed, all new columns added to the Grade Center are added at the end of the display order, unless associated to a particular Grading Period.

If a Grading Period is associated to a column, then the column will display in the Grade Center within the Grading Period range.

Hiding and showing grade center columns within the grade center

  • Select Column Organization from the Manage Menu
  • Select the check boxes of the Grade Center columns to be hidden
  • Click Show/Hide
  • Choose Hide Column
    • Hidden columns will appear grayed out in the Grade Center View
  • Click Submit to save changes

Columns listed under Shown in all Grade Center views appear in all views.

  • Select Column Organization from the Manage menu
  • Select the Grade Center Column (displayed on the screen as a row) to be moved into the Shown in all Grade Center views of the Grade Center table by clicking and holding any part of that row
  • Drag and drop the row into the Shown in all Grade Center views table or Select the check boxes of the Grade Center column, then Click Show/Hide, Select Show Selected Columns in All Grade Center Views
  • Click Submit to save changes

Freezing and unfreezing panes

Grade Center columns can be frozen in place so they do not move while scrolling through the other data. The columns containing students’ first and last names are frozen by default. Frozen columns remain in position on the left side of the Grade Center while the rest of the columns can be scrolled through. This feature can be used for example to easily match up individual students with their data across the length of the Grade Center. Instructors can freeze and unfreeze any of the columns on the Organize Grade Center page.

  • Choose Organize Grade Center from the Action Link menu
    • To freeze a column:
      • Drag the dark gray bar down below the desired row
      • Drag a row above the dark gray bar
    • To unfreeze columns:
      • Drag the dark gray bar above the desired row
      • Drag a row below the dark gray bar
  • Click Submit to save changes

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