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Permissions Error When Opening Student Submissions


Learn what to do if you encounter a “Permissions Error” when attempting to open a student submission.


  • Issue: A student submits a document into Blackboard, you click on the document link to view and/or grade it, instead of seeing the document you receive a “Permissions Error” that looks similar to this screenshot:

Screenshot of Permissions Error: "The specified resource was not found, or you do not have permissions to access it.

  • Solution: This issue is most often caused by some sort of error or inconsistency in the file type or how the file was saved by the student.  To Fix, clear or ignore the student submission and ask the student to re-submit the file in a supported file type.
    • An example of this error is if a document is created and saved on a Mac with an incompatible software such as Pages and the student attempts to save the document and “change it to Word” by adding “.docx” to the end of the file name.  In this instance, the document might save for the student but still be unopenable when the professor tries to access it on Blackboard. 

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