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Set up Grade Book Views


In this document you will learn about creating a Group Smart View in Blackboard Learn.


Smart Views are views of the Grade Center based on a variety of student criteria. This enables Instructors to create certain views of the Grade Center—based on performance criteria for gradable items such as Assessments or Assignments—that quickly track Students. There are four different Types of Smart Views that specify the Student information:
  • Group allows the instructors to select a Group, which was created in the course. Groups are subsections created in the User Management Area of the Control Panel. They are a collection of students selected by the Instructor. You can use this to separate the class sections in a merged course site
  • Benchmark allows the Instructor to select Students based on performance
  • Focus allows the Instructor to select individual Students
  • Investigate allows the Instructor to select from a full list of Student attributes; this is a combination of the options of the other three Smart Views

Once built and saved, Smart Views become a selectable list item on the Current View drop-down menu of the Grade Center page Filter menu, enabling easy navigation from one view to another. Any Smart View can be saved as the default view of the Grade Center. The current default view can be changed at any time.

You can also add the Smart view to your course Control panel Grade Center menu by designating it as a “favorite.”

Note: Smart Views are based on Groups.  During group creation select “Create Smart View” or from the groups menu select groups and via the bulk actions button create Smartviews.

Accessing the grade center

  • From the Control Panel Click on the Grade Center link
  • Select Full Grade Center
    • The Grade Center: Full Grade Center appears
    • Select Smart Views from the Manage Menu
  • Find the Smart view from the Group Creation
  • Click the Star then select OK to designate the Smart View as a favorite. This will add the smart view to your course Control Panel Grade Center Menu

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):