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Share a Portfolio Snapshot


This document demonstrates share a Blackboard Portfolio snapshot.

Once a Portfolio is created a snapshot of it might need to be shared with an entire class, a project partner, or a group.

  • In the Portfolios Homepage, select My Portfolios.
  • Identify the Portfolio to be shared and select More. (Click Image for Larger View)

screenshot of the my portfolios page, more, and share buttons highlighted


The “More” button also gives options for accessing: Settings, Share, View Comments, Download, and Delete.

screenshot of the more menu

  • Read the notice on the Share Portfolio screen, it explains what exactly is being shared in the snapshot:

When you share, you are sharing what your portfolio looks like at that specific point in time.
You can continue to work on your portfolio but the snapshot you have previously shared will not be updated.
To share your latest work, use “Share a Snapshot with” once you have made the necessary updates.

  • Select Share a Snapshot With, and select what type of user is being shared with.  (Click on Image for Larger View)

screenshot of Share a Snapshot drop-down list

  • For sharing a snapshot with a classmate, select Users.

screenshot of Users button highlighted

  • Enter the Boise State Username of the person is being shared with.  If the username is unknown, select the Browse button and search them.
    • Multiple usernames can be added with a comma and space in between.  Note – if there are any errors in the usernames, none of them will be added and the action will need to be repeated correctly.
      • Example of adding multiple usernames:  janedoe, johndoe, bettysmith1
  • Check the Send Email box if a notification email should be sent.
  • Personalize the email message if needed.
  • Review the other email settings.
  • Select Submit. (Click on Image to enlarge)

screenshot of the share screen

  • Once the Portfolio snapshot is shared a note will be added on the Share Portfolio page.

shared snapshot screenshot

  • The user(s) will receive an email notification of the shared Portfolio snapshot.

screenshot of notification email

  • To view a shared Portfolio snapshot, the user will click on Shared with Me and see the Portfolio snapshot listed there.

screenshot of the shared with me screen


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