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Student Complete an Incomplete


Sometimes you will find that you will need to let a student complete an incomplete assignment. The student completing an incomplete must work with the instructor to gain access to either the current or previous semester Blackboard course site. In this document we will show you how to let a student complete an incomplete.

Current Semester

Instructor needs to contact the Boise State University help desk (208) 426-4357 requesting the student to be manually enrolled into their current semester course site. The following information is needed:

  • Student Boise State University username
  • Student Boise State University ID #
  • Current Bb course site ID #

Previous Semester

Note: Instructor will need to make the previous semester course site available to ALL students enrolled in the course site:

  • Click Customization in your course control panel menu
  • Click Properties
  • Click Set Availability
  • Choose YES, to make your course available to your students. NO, to hide the course from your students
  • Click Submit

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):