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Student Experience with Blackboard Goals


This article explains how students interact with Blackboard Goals in their Blackboard Course Sites.

Once Blackboard Goals are established on a Blackboard Course Site students can now utilize this resource to view how their learning is lining up with the course/department/institution’s goals for them.

Viewing Goals in My Grades

  • When goals are added to a content item, they are default set as invisible to students when they view their grades in the My Grades area of the Blackboard Course Site.  Here’s an example of what this looks like:

Screenshot of My Grades area, standard view with no goal alignments visible.

  • An instructor can choose to make goals visible to their students, this appears the text: Alignments,  in the My Grades area.

Screenshot of the My Grades Area, there is a link called Alignments available underneath the assignment.

  • The student can click on Alignments to then view the goals associated with the assignment.

screenshot of example goals pop-up window

Viewing Goal Performance in Tools

  • A student can also view their Goal Performance in the course by selecting Tools from the course menu

screenshot of the course menu with Tools hightlighted. There is an arrow with text requesting you scroll to the bottom of the Tools screen.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Goal Performance

screenshot of the Tools screen with Goal Performance circled

  • The Goal Performance screen will show:
    • The overall measurement of how the student is meeting the goal, including all assignments/content that are associated with the goal.
    • The drop-down arrow under each goal can be clicked to show a breakdown of individual assignments associated with the goal.
      • This is an example of a student who received full points on one assignment.

screenshot of an example student's Goal Performance

  • Here is an example of a student who did not receive full points on the example assignment:

screenshot of Goal Performance screen for a student who did not receive full points


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