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Student Grade Missing


Learn what to do if a student claims they completed a task on Blackboard, but you do not see this task reflected in the Gradebook.


No Attempt to Access the Item was Made

  • Be aware of what the symbols mean in the Gradebook.  You can review the symbols by clicking on “Icon Legend” in the lower right-hand corner beneath your Gradebook:

Screenshot of Icon Legend Button in the lower right hand corner of the Gradecenter beneath your gradebook

  • When a student successfully begins an assignment/test/quiz/etc. you will see an “In Progress” symbol.
  • When a student successfully begins an assignment and “Saves as Draft,” you will see an “In Progress” symbol.
  • When a student successfully submits an assignment/test/quiz/etc. you will commonly see a “Grade,” a “Completed,” or a “Needs Grading” symbol

Icon Legend showing many different symbols available in the Blackboard Gradebook.

  • If you do not see any symbol in the gradebook for the particular student on the student’s assignment, then Blackboard does not have any record of the student successfully beginning the assignment/test/quiz/etc.
  • After an assignment deadline has completed, we highly recommend that you mark any missed assignments as 0.00 points to bring this missed item to the student’s attention as well as to streamline gradecenter automatic calculations.
  • This can sometimes prompt a student to reach out to their faculty member with concern that they “did take the test/quiz/assignment” but have a “missing grade”.
  • The faculty member can then look further into Blackboard to confirm or deny the student’s communication.
  • Go to the Gradecenter in their Blackboard Course Site and locate the student’s Grade.

Generic image of Blackboard Gradebook

  • Select the drop-down chevron next to the student’s grade. Then select “View Grade Details”

Screenshot of the drop-down menu: options are: View Grade Details, Quick Comment, and Exempt Grade

  • Note: if the student submitted a previous attempt, you would see this noted on the menu too

screenshot of a menu that also notes and "Attempt" and "Date"

  • In, the “View Grade Details” screen you will see in the “Attempts” Tab any records of received attempts in Blackboard

Grade Details Screen. Attempts Tab. No attempts listed.

  • When no attempts are listed, Blackboard has no record of an assignment being accessed/submitted.


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