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Student Instructions: How to Create a Portfolio


This article demonstrates how a student can create and edit a Portfolio in Blackboard.
  • A student can access Blackboard Portfolios by selecting Tools in the Course Content Menu and selecting Portfolios Homepage (Click image for larger view)

screenshot of Blackboard. In the content menu Tools is highlighted. On the Tools page, Portfolios Home is highlighted.

My Portfolios

  • You will default be taken to the My Portfolios area.  Select the Create Portfolio button (Click image for larger view)

screenshot of the My Portfolios Page , Create Portfolio Button is highlighted

  • Enter a Title and Description
    • If this is an assignment, be sure to follow your professor’s instructions regarding how to set up the Portfolio (Click image for larger view)

screenshot of the Create Portfolio Page with Title box and Description box highlighted


A Getting Started with Portfolio Tour will be offered at this point.  It is highly recommended for users to participate in the tour. 


  • From there the user can add, tweak, and customize their Portfolio. (Click image for larger view)
    • The areas where a student can add content are:
      • Header
      • Footer
      • Title and Description
      • Pages (multiple pages can be created)
        • Sections (multiple sections can be created per each Page)
      • Artifacts such as assignments and papers submitted in Blackboard or uploaded from the user’s computer can be added to each Section also

screenshot of a blank Portfolio Page, waiting for edits

  • The menu on the upper right hand side of the Edit Portfolio screen allows users to edit the Settings (Title and Description screen); Preview and Customize (set layout and color scheme); or select “Done Editing” when done finished in the Portfolio.

screenshot of the Settings; Preview and Customize; and Done Editing  buttons

  • Once the Porfolio is created, it will show in the My Portfolios area. (Click image for larger view)

screenshot of the My Portfolios Page containing the example portfolio

My Artifacts

  • My Artifacts area contains artifacts that the user has created and submitted in Blackboard.  Artifacts can also be added by selecting the Add Personal Artifact and Add from Course (Click image for larger view)

screenshot of the my artifacts area for Add Personal Artifact button and Add from Course button are highlighted

Shared with Me

  • Shows Portfolios that are shared with the user

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):