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This document will explain what a survey is and how to create surveys.


Surveys are a non-graded, anonymous way for instructors to get feedback from their students about a variety of subjects.

Creating a Survey

  • In your course go to the course management menu and click course tools
  • Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools 
  • Click Surveys 
  • Click build survey
  • Type a Name, Description, and the Instructions 
  • Click Continue
  • Create questions 
  •  Click OK

Deploy a Survey

  • To deploy the survey click the location in your course menu where you want it located for your students e.g assignments
  • Hover over assessments and click Survey 
  • Select your survey that you created
  • Click Submit
  • In the survey options select Yes for “make the link available”
  • Set your survey options 
  • Click Submit

View Survey Results

  • In your course menu click grade center
  • Click full grade center
  • Navigate to the column for the survey
  • Click the downward chevron on the column 
  • Click attempts statistics 
  • When you are finished reviewing the results click OK to return to the grade center

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):