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Update Course Syllabus Documents or Files


A syllabus is a useful tool that can be used to outline your course and provide students with expectations and grading criteria. In this document you will learn how to update your existing course site documents (files) in Blackboard.

The files tool allows you to update your course files without having to delete the current file then reattach it in all of the locations it has been used. This procedure will walk you through the steps to update your course syllabus, these steps can be used on any course content file.
  • Navigate to your course site
  • In the course management area click Content Collection
  • Click your course ID #
  • Navigate to the file you wish to update
  • Click the contextual menu icon for the file you wish to update, change or modify
  • Contextual menu Item Actions
    • Open: Preview the content in the browser
    • 360 degree View: Display detailed information about an item. The report includes the file’s properties, such as name, file type, file size, and when it was last edited. Instructors can also view the permissions assigned to users and a list of links where the file has been used
    • Edit Settings: Change the name of the item
    • Overwrite File: Upload a different file to replace the current file or edit the HTML Object content. For files, the new file will be assigned the same name as the one that it is replacing
    • Alignments: use to align course content or activity with institution or program goals if they exist
    • Permissions: View and manage permissions to determine who can view the file. When a file is added to Course Files, it is automatically assigned Read permission so that when it is linked in the Course, all Course users can view it
    • Download Package: Compress the items into a ZIP package that can be saved to a local drive
    • Copy: Browse for another folder to which to copy the item
    • Move: Browse for another folder to which to move the item
    • Delete: Permanently remove the item. Any links to the item in the Course will be broken. In the Course, the broken links appear with an Invalid File statement next to them
  • Click overwrite file, the new file will be assigned the same name as the one that it is replacing
  • Click browse to select your updated syllabus file to replace the current syllabus file
  • Click submit

You have now replaced your old syllabus document with your updated document. All course links created pointing to your old document will now point to the new document.

For Assistance

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