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Upload and Share a Google Doc in Bb


In this document we will show you how to upload and share a Google doc in Bb.
  • Navigate to your my.boisestate email
  • Click the google apps button at the top right google apps button
  • Click on drive
  • Click new 
  • Click File upload
  • Choose a document and click open
  • Click share down at the bottom right
  • Click get shareable link
  • Click the copy link button
  • click done
  • Navigate to you Blackboard Course Site 
  • Create a content item
  • Name it in the field labeled name
  • In the text field give it a small description
  • Highlight that description
  • Click the Chain-link symbol to insert/edit link
  • In the field labeled link path paste in the link that you previously copied
  • Change the target in the drop-down menu to open in new window
  • Click insert
  • Click Submit 

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):