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Using Blackboard Goals to Add Alignments


This article explains how to add alignments to course content using Blackboard Goals.

Align content to goals

Video: How to Align Content to Goals

After administrators create goals, you can align content to goals. You can also align an entire container, such as a folder or lesson plan, or one or more content items.

(If enabled, be sure to disable the pop-up blocker for Blackboard Learn so that you can access the Discover Goals window.)

  • From an Assignment/Test/etc. drop-down menu, select Add Alignments. The Discover Goals window appears.

Screenshot of the dropdown menu being selected next to an assignment and "Add Alignments" is highlighted from the drop-down menu.

  • In the Browse Criteria panel, expand the criteria sections and select specific criteria:
    • Source: Only one source can appear at a time. Shows where the goal is stored.
    • Goal Set Type: As long as you have Associated the Blackboard Goals to the Course, this selection will be default customized to your goals.
    • Goal Set: The branch of learning or subject of the goal.
    • Category
    • Goals Type: The classification of the goal.
      • Or, use the Search current results box to type a phrase, word, or part of a word to find matching goals.
  • Goals that fit the criteria appear.
    • Select the check boxes for the goals you want to add.
    • The goals appear in the Selected Goals area at the bottom of the screen.
    • You can expand the area to view your list of goals.
    • Select the red X next to a goal to remove it.
    • The goal is removed from the collection, but not deleted from the system. (Click on image for larger view)

screenshot of the Discover goals area, follow the text instructions above.

  • Select Submit.
  • The selected goals appear with the content item. You can make goals visible to students with the Student Visibility icon. Select the Remove Alignment icon to remove a goal. (Click on image for larger view)

Select remove alignment icon to remove a goal

About discussion forums and threads

You can align goals to discussion forums and threads. The options are dependent on the grade option you chose when you created the forum.

  • No Grading in Forum: Align either forums or threads.
  • Grade Forum: Set to forum alignments automatically, and you can’t change it. The alignments options are grayed out.
  • Grade Threads: Set to thread alignments automatically and you can’t change it. The alignments options are grayed out.

Your next step is to access the forum or thread and add alignments.

For threads, the Alignments option appears in the menu at the top of the page when you hover.

Screenshot of a Thread with the Alignment button circled

For forums, select Alignments at the top of the page and then select Add Alignments.

screenshot of the Forum page with Alignments button circled in two spots

About blogs, journals, and wikis

Access a blog, journal, or wiki. Expand the instructions, select Alignments, and select Add Alignments.

screenshot of the Wiki page with the Alignments Button circled

About the Grade Center

You can align goals to a Grade Center column. Access a column’s menu and select View and Add Alignments. In the pop-up window, select Add Alignments.

View a test question’s alignment to goals

In the Grade Center, you can view the goals aligned to individual test questions. Access the test column’s menu and select Attempts Statistics.

On the Test Statistics page, goals aligned to each test question appear in the Active Goals section.

For Assistance

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