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View SafeAssign Report Scores


This article will explain where to find SafeAssign report scores in your Blackboard course. This information can assist you when determining whether or not you should review a paper in further detail to check for plagiarism.

Accessing the Report

  • Navigate to your course
  • In the left navigation menu click grade center
  • Click full grade center
  • Locate the assignment you enabled SafeAssign option for
  • When students have made their submission you will see an explanation icon
  • Click the downward chevron on the attempt Drop arrow
  • Click the attempt
  • On the grade assignment page you will see the SafeAssign report with its percentage
  • For more detailed information click on the SafeAssign report and click view originality report

What the Percentages Mean

Scores below 15 percent: No evidence of plagiarism. The papers typically include a few quotes, common phrases, and blocks of text that match other documents.

Scores between 15 percent and 40 percent: These papers either have extensive quoted/paraphrased material or they include plagiarism. To be sure review these papers to make sure matching text is properly referenced.

Scores over 40 percent: Very likely that the text in these papers was copied from another source. Papers that contain quotes or paraphrased text in excess are included in this category, and are recommended to be reviewed for plagiarism.


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