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Weighted Total with Categories in Blackboard


In this article we will show you how to create a weighted total using categories in Blackboard.

Create Category

  • Navigate to your course
  • Click full grade center 
  • Highlight over manage
  • Click categories 

Picture of the categories menu item

  • Select or create your category
    • Note: If the category you want isn’t there you can create one by clicking create category


Set up Weighted Total Based on the Categories

  • In your grade center click weighted column under create calculated column

weighted column menu item in grade center

Note: If you already have the weighted column created click edit column information as shown in the screen shot below.

  • Mouse over the Weighted Total column head to see the Action Link
  • Choose Edit Column Information

Edit column picture

  • The Edit Weighted Column page will open
  • Fill out the information needed for the column
    • Column Information: Give the name and description. Choose Primary Display as Percentage and optionally set up course schema for Secondary Display
    • Dates: Choose Grading Period (Optional)
    • Select Columns: Use Column to Select and Categories to Select option, and move the columns and categories you created to right Selected Column area by click the right point arrow. Make sure total weight is 100%. (See before and after images)


Select column screen


Picture of the weighted total

  • Select Calculate as Running Total as Yes or No for your needs
    •  Select Yes to calculate as a running total. Running totals exempt cells that do not contain data.
  • Select No to include all selected columns in the calculation, using a value of 0 if no grade exists. This can make grades appear artificially low.
  • Click submit

Associate the Gradable Columns with Different Categories

  • Mouse over each column in grade center and choose Edit Column Information
  • In the field labeled category select the category you want

For Assistance

Help Desk (Zone at the ILC):