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Adding Weighted Grades


Sometimes it will be necessary to weight your students grades. In this document you will learn about weighting grades in Blackboard Learn.


A Weighted Grade is a Calculated Column that displays the calculated result of quantities and their respective percentages. A Weighted Grade can be displayed as a column in the Grade Center. Instructors control the visibility of the column in the Grade Center as well as controlling the release of the column to students and other users.

For example, an Instructor may create a Weighted Grade column that calculates a quarterly grade (grade for one quarter of the year), in which each Category, such as Test, Survey, and Assignment are given a certain percentage of the final quarter’s grade. Alternatively, the Instructor may create a Weighted Grade that is the final grade for a course, with the quarters and exams included in the Weighted Grade.

Instructors can create any number of Weighted Grade columns, including Weighted Grade columns that include other Weighted Grade columns. For example:

    • (Quiz = 20%) + (Homework = 10%) + (Participation = 20%) + (Exam = 50%) = (Quarter Grade)
    • (Quarter 1 = 25%) + (Quarter 2 = 25%) + (Quarter 3 = 25%) + (Quarter 4 = 25%) = (Year Grade)

Instructors can create a Weighted Grade based on any column, or any Category in the Grade Center.

Note: Any Grade Center columns with text as the primary display cannot be used in the Weighted Grade calculation.

Accessing the grade center

  • From the Control Panel Click on the Grade Center link
  • Select Full Grade Center
    • The Grade Center: Full Grade Center appears
  • Maximize your Grade Center view by clicking on the Show/Hide Course Menu Button (<<)
    • The Course Menu Frame with disappear

Using weighted column

  • Find the Weighted Column from the full grade center
  • From the drop-down menu next to the column title and select Edit Column Information
  • Scroll down and choose the columns to be included in the Weighted Grade Column
    • Columns to Select – A list of all columns in the Grade Center. Select the Column and click the arrow to add it to the weighted Grade column
    • Categories to Select – A list of all Categories in the Grade Center. Select the category and click the arrow to add it to the Weighted Grade column
  • After all columns and Categories have been selected, enter the percentage for each selection
  • When a Category has been selected, several other options appear:
    • Select how to weigh columns within the Category equally or proportionally. Choosing equally applies equal value to all Columns within a Category
    • Decide whether to drop high or low grades within the Category or use the lowest or highest value in the category

Note: A Grade column that is set to no for the Include in Grade Center Score Calculations setting will not display in the selection list

  • Calculate as a running total – Select Yes to calculate the weight as a running total to include only the Columns that have been graded. Choose No to include all columns, those cells that are blank or have no grade will be calculated using a Zero
  • Options
    • Include Column in the Grade Center calculations – Makes the Column available for use in other calculations
    • Show Column to Students – Shows the column in My Grades
    • Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades– Shows the Weighted Grade column statistics in My Grades
  • Click Submit to save the Smart View

For Assistance

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