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Idaho Learning Management System Evaluation

The Idaho State Board of Education will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a contract for a Learning Management System (LMS) available to all public education institutions (K-12 and Higher Ed).

Lecture Capture

Do We Have the Right Lecture Capture Tools and Environments at Boise State?

This initiative intends to answer the question: “do we have the right lecture capture tools and environments at Boise State?” Obviously, in order to do so, one must first determine what “right” means.
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File Cabinet

How Long Do We Maintain Blackboard Related Student Activity and / or Content?

This initiative intends to establish a long-term archive /purge policy for Boise State managed content related to the use of (Bb) Blackboard. This policy should meet or exceed all Federal, State and/or local academic retention laws.
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The Continual Improvement of Blackboard Knowledgebase.

Faculty and students want to help themselves be better tech users. By improving and standardizing the self-help content related to Blackboard and its use both teachers and students will be empowered to solve issues that they couldn’t before.
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Evaluating Student Response Systems

Project Completed December 2015: Boise State adopts REEF Polling as official student response system (clickers). Read more about this initiative and findings.

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Simplifying the Creation and Management of Course Sites in Blackboard

Over two thousand Blackboard course sites are created each semester through Blackboard LMS Middleware.  This application must be robust and intuitive so that faculty can focus more on teaching and less on administrative overhead.
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Adding Piazza Discussion Board Tool to Blackboard

The purpose of this initiative is to formalize Piazza as an officially supported Boise State learning technology tool.
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Wireless Classroom Presentation

This initiative seeks to determine a feasible and operable classroom solution that facilitates the wireless presentation of content from a variety of devices (e.g., iPads, laptops, and Android devices).
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