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New Portfolio Solutions for 2017

Over the first half of 2017, the Office of Information Technology and the Center for Teaching and Learning worked with program coordinators across campus to review ePortfolio use at Boise State.

As of Fall 2017, Boise State University will be supporting new options for student ePortfolios including Blackboard Portfolios and Google Sites. Digication, the platform that has been in place for the last few years, will no longer be supported on campus after August 2018.

For those using Digication in the meantime, please continue to use support resources for students and support resources for faculty.

About ePortfolios

Generally, an ePortfolio serves as a “digitized collection of artifacts, including demonstrations, resources, and accomplishments that represent an individual, group, or institution.” (See Educause article.) At Boise State, ePortfolios usually collect learner-created artifacts in an effort to facilitate student reflections on the learning process over time and demonstrate the completion of learning outcomes. Learn more about why and how to use ePortfolios.

Going forward, Boise State will be supporting two portfolio tools to serve two separate use cases; Blackboard Portfolios will satisfy needs for both program and student assessment, and Google Sites will be used as a tool to showcase student work. Both tools were selected for their functionality and ease of use, and between the two offer similar features to Digication. Review the table below to better understand the differences between the two.

Why Use Blackboard Portfolios?

Understand students’ development at Boise State.

Why Use Google Sites?

Help students showcase their work and tell their stories.

  • Great for academic portfolios meant to be shared with Boise State users
  • Better for showcase portfolios shared with users outside Boise State
  • Great for collecting work across time. Easily find and upload work submitted to multiple Blackboard courses.
  • Integrates with tools within G Suite (Google Apps for Education), such as Google Photos, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive and YouTube.
  • Easy for instructors to see and grade portfolios inside Blackboard
  • Standalone website that is not integrated into Boise State’s classroom management platform
  • Simple Creation and formatting
  • More flexible formatting and display



Below you will find some commonly asked questions about ePortfolios and our answers to them.

Q: Are there options other than Blackboard Portfolios or Google Sites available?

A: While not officially supported by Boise State, students may also use website building tools like WordPress. It can be used by students to build website based portfolios, displaying samples of their work from various courses. Websites built using WordPress can easily be shared with a broader audience of potential employers, graduate school applications, or community internship partners. Here are some resources on how to use

Q: Can I create templates in Blackboard Portfolios for my students to use?

A: Yes, templates can be created for your course, program, department, or college. Portfolio templates in Blackboard allow you to predefine the layout, style, pages, and sections. You can also provide instructions in your template so students know what they need to add to their portfolio.

Q: Can my students continue to use Digication for the 2017-2018 academic year?

A: OIT will continue to support Digication until August 2018. Please contact your Instructional Design Consultant for more information.

Q: Can students continue using portfolios after they graduate?

A: For Blackboard Portfolios, student alumni retain access to Blackboard for 2 years after graduation. Students can also download their Blackboard Portfolios in html format to preserve them. Google Sites are available to alumni for life.

Q: Can I have more than one portfolio? If so, how many can I create?

A: You can have as many portfolios as you would like, and they don’t have to be connected to an assignment or class.

Q: Can Google Sites be shared with people outside of Boise State?

A: Yes, you can share a Google Site by sharing its URL once appropriate privacy setting changes are made.

Q: Can I build a template in Google Sites to share with students?

A: No. There is no template feature currently available in either Classic or New Google Sites.

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