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Create an Assessment

Before creating an Assessment, the Instructor should consider what type of knowledge is being tested and select question types tailored to the subject matter. For example, on an English test a series of Short Answer questions may be the best … (Read More) Create an Assessment

Use SafeAssign Assignments

(Read More) Use SafeAssign Assignments

Post to Discussion Boards

The discussion feature provides students with a space to have asynchronous or synchronous discussions about course content. Click Discussion Board Click the forum (a forum is a group of conversations about the same topic) in which you wish to participate To … (Read More) Post to Discussion Boards

Submit a Course Assignment

The assignment feature in Blackboard is used to submit documents to your instructor. Similar to an email attachment, assignments use a Browse button to locate the file on your computer and a Submit button to send it. Click your Assignment … (Read More) Submit a Course Assignment