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Search for Classes

Instructions for How to Search

  1. To find classes sign into and navigate to “Student Center.” Click the green Search For Classes button.
    Search for Classes button
  2. You can either Search for Classes or Browse Course Catalog. If you choose to search for classes, you will enter the course information will result in a list of classes.
    Search Results
  3. If you select Browse Course Catalog you will see course options broken down by course subject.
    Course List
  4. Click the subject you would like to view and it will display the available courses and terms in which they are offered.
    Example of course list
  5. If you select a specific course it will display additional information such as the course description, number of units, and campus location. Click View Class Sections to see the available class sections.
    Course Detail
  6. The specific course sections will be displayed with additional information such as the meeting location, instructor, and course dates. From this screen if you click Select you can add a specific course to your Shopping Cart.
    Course sections