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Network Services

Network Services

The Office of Information Technology offers network services to support the University’s technical operations and research mission.

Service and Support

Normal Service

After a request has been made through the Office of Information Technology Help Desk, a staff member will contact the customer and coordinate the date of the install or modification.

Requests for repairs are deemed a priority and usually handled within four business hours of a request. Repair service is not billed if the issue is a faulty piece of equipment or the responsibility of Office of Information Technology staff. This does not include abuse of equipment or a problem resulting from actions of a customer (such as the client removing a blue patch cable, not plugging in a cable to the correct port, or password issues).

For Moves, Adds and Changes, labor is billed at the published rate listed on our website, and billed in ¼ hour increments.

Priority Service

Customers may request “priority” service. Priority requests are moved up in the work queue to the next order filled.

Priority requests are billed at three times the normal labor rate published on our website, and are billed in ½ hour increments.

Priority Contracted Service

Priority Contracted Service is provided to offices and departments requiring immediate service with direct contact to the Office of Information Technology staff.

Offices and departments that have arranged for Priority Contracted Service do not submit requests through the Office of Information Technology Help Desk, but are instead provided a list of direct dial numbers to Network Services staff.

Work orders will be moved up in the work queue to the next order filled. No labor charges will made for the work orders.

Priority Contracted Service is only for offices and departments that require direct contact with Network Services staff.

This direct contact and the move of all work orders to the next order filled position disrupts our normal operations. For this reason, Priority Contracted Service is billed at ¼ of the salary and benefit costs of a Network Services employee (current annual cost for Priority Contracted Service is $21,500 a year).

This service is not available at a College or large organizational group level.

Need Assistance?

For questions about Network Services, contact the Help Desk at 208-426-4357, or email