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Wireless Access

Wireless Networks at Boise State

eduroam Wireless Networking at Boise State

All university students, faculty and staff should use the Boise State eduroam wireless network.

Eduroam is an encrypted, secure wireless network requiring you to authenticate once with your Boise State username and password. You do not have to authenticate again until your next password change.

Other Wireless Options

Guests and Friends of the University - Bronco-Guest

The Bronco-Guest wireless network is designed to allow open access to internet resources for seven days at a time. Bronco-Guest does not require a username or password; therefore it is an unsecured network.

The Bronco-Guest network is intended for friends and guests of Boise State. Because this network is unsecured, we recommend Boise State students, faculty and staff use the eduroam wireless network.

All university students, faculty and staff should use the eduroam Wi-Fi network, not Bronco-Guest.

We recommend Bronco-Guest never be used when sensitive, personal and/or financial data is transmitted as there always exists the possibility other people on the network may employ malicious tools or methods to capture that information.

Learn how to connect to Bronco-Guest

Housing and Residences - RES

Residents and guests in Housing and Residence Life must use the RES network for wireless internet access in the rooms and other residence locations.

Learn how to connect to the RES network.

Honors College & Sawtooth Hall - elauwit

Wireless service in Honors College and Sawtooth Hall is supported by an external provider, elauwit.

To connect, use the elauwit Quick Start Guide.

For support issues with the wireless network in Honors and Sawtooth:

Frequently Asked Questions

View answers to questions about campus wireless

Why did Bronco-Guest change?

Boise State needs to associate a contact address for devices used on the Bronco-Guest network. If a virus or malware is detected on a device, or if legal action is necessary, we need the ability to contact the owner.

We also wanted to transition students, faculty and staff off the Bronco-Guest network for security and performance reasons. Bronco-Guest is now an actual guest network, intended for people with current Boise State credentials.

The eduroam network is the supported wireless service for secure, fast performance for the campus community.

Why are there problems with wireless in University Housing and Residence Life locations?

Wireless performance of the RES network in Housing and Residence Life buildings may depend on a variety of factors, including personal wireless routers in nearby rooms and/or building materials which impact wireless signals.

The Office of Information Technology is working closely with University Housing and Residence Life to improve wireless performance in residences where possible; this work began in November 2017 and continues. If you have any problems connecting your device to the RES network, call our Help Desk at (208) 426-4357, email, or chat with us during business hours,

Honors College and Sawtooth Hall residents should refer to our support information (listed above) for issues with the elauwit wireless network.

I cannot connect my device to the eduroam network.

The initial configuration required by eduroam includes the installation of a security certificate. The process of installing this certificate varies in complexity according to device and operating system.

Regardless, we are here to help.

If you have any problems connecting your device to the eduroam network, call our Help Desk at (208) 426-4357, email, chat with us during business hours, or visit one of our Zone locations in the Student Union Building (first floor) and Interactive Learning Center (first floor).

My device connects to eduroam, but won’t stay connected.

We want to investigate areas of campus with weak or unstable eduroam network performance, but we need your help.

Please report any connection issues to our Help Desk at (208) 426-4357, email, or chat with us during business hours. The more specific you are (building, exact location, time of day, etc.), the better we can help.

How can I make eduroam come up as the default wireless connection, instead of my device always first connecting to Bronco-Guest?

Your device needs to “forget” the Bronco-Guest network. If you remove Bronco-Guest as a known wireless connection, eduroam *should* become the default connection.

How to “forget” the Bronco-Guest network varies according to device. Contact our Help Desk and we’ll help you out.

Why is Bronco-Guest not a secure network, unlike eduroam?

Bronco-Guest is provided as short-term complimentary access for guests and friends of the University. If guests and friends do not want to use Bronco-Guest due to security concerns, they can use a cellular connection instead.

Why don’t you rename eduroam to something Boise State-specific?

The eduroam service is used globally at other universities and institutions. It’s designed so that visitors from eduroam schools can access a secure wireless network when visiting these other institutions, and visitors to Boise State from those campuses can access our secure network as well.

It’s called eduroam wherever it’s used. To avoid confusion, we’re keeping the name. It’s a good name.

Need Assistance?

Please contact the Help Desk if you have any difficulty connecting to a Boise State wireless network.  Call (208) 426-4357, email, or visit any of our Zone locations.