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System Architecture Review Board (SARB)

Who Are We?

The System Architecture Review Board (SARB) maximizes university funding and development efforts on software applications and IT hardware.
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The SARB is facilitated by Business Analysts from the OIT Project Management Office and is responsible for reviewing technology request to determine if the university already as a solution that may meet the needs of the requester.

For a list of items previously approved by SARB, please view the Boise State third party application inventory (note: not all applications on this list may have been implemented, or are still in use).

How Can SARB Help Me?

Benefits of SARB

With thousands of applications and products being used across campus, utilizing an existing solution can reduce licensing and support costs, project complexity, and time to implement.

If no existing campus solution is available, the SARB evaluates the proposed option(s) and helps spot major faults or complexities in the option prior to purchasing.

With a diversified board representing OIT core development, network operations, customer care, and internet security teams, the SARB reviews all aspects of the solution to ensure it is compatible with existing systems and Boise State policies.

The board will also partner with the project requester and/or vendor to resolve any issues and develop the best implementation strategy for the chosen product when appropriate.

SARB Members

  • Application Administrators
  • Customer Care
  • Identity Access Management
  • Integration
  • Learning Technology Solutions

  • Network Security
  • PeopleSoft
  • Risk/Compliance/Cybersecurity
  • System Engineers

Purpose of SARB Review


star iconWe might already have similar software in place


star iconWe ensure each purchase will meet OIT policies and standards


star iconWe check things out before you actually buy anything


star iconWe help you implement new systems to help you with everyday business

SARB Review Process

When is a SARB Review Required?

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Contract Approval

Often times, the Purchasing Department or the Office of General Counsel will require approval from the SARB prior to purchasing or contract creation.

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License Renewals

Any renewals of existing licenses or applications that cost over $25,000 must also go through SARB Review.

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New software

All new software purchases must go through SARB Review.

How do I complete a SARB Review?

SARB can assist with evaluating a product you have already decided you want to purchase, or location a product that can meet your business needs. The process for each is detailed below.

SARB Review for a Pre-Selected Product

If you already have a product in mind you want to purchase, follow the steps below. Please note that the time required to collect the information for SARB review varies once the request is received by the PMO.

The completed request is presented to the committee for review, and the expected time to complete the review is one week. Additionally, if the proposed product will be used by the general public or students, the request will also be routed to the Office of Information Technology’s Web Accessibility Team for review. This additional review is separate from SARB, but is initiated by the submission of the SARB request.
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  • Submit a request for SARB Review
  • Business Analyst collects required information from you and vendor before facilitating review with SARB
  • SARB reviews and provides recommendation
  • Business Analyst sends you recommendation in email
  • You provide the recommendation to Purchasing

SARB Review When a Software Solution Has Not Been Identifiedhappy person

If you have identified a business need and can clarify what the problem is you would like to purchase software to solve, the PMO can assist you with the product selection and evaluation process to ensure you get the very best product.

After a request is submitted, a start date for the project will be determined based on resource availability and volume of other projects in the queue. This process is ideal if the request is submitted in advance, as there is an average six-month wait time for projects.

  • You submit a project request
  • A Business Analyst contacts you to determine your business needs and goals for the project
  • When the project is scheduled to start a Business Analyst will work with you to identify success criteria
  • The analyst will identify potential solutions and assist you with the evaluation and scoring process
  • After identifying the best product, SARB review will be initiated and the analyst will provide a recommendation to you
  • You provide the SARB recommendation to Purchasing

Submit Your Request

Complete this form to help us determine how the SARB will review your solution or need. You must be logged in to your Boise State account to complete the form. A coordinator will contact you with any needed follow-up. If you have any questions, please contact us at The PMO has implemented a new Project Management Tool to submit, track, and manage projects.  For assistance, see instructions on submitting project requests.