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Photo Class Rosters

Rosters for each class are accessed via the “Faculty Center” section of Faculty Center via PeopleSoft within myBoiseState.

When you enter the Faculty Center, you will see classes you are scheduled to teach for the current semester. The Photo Class Roster is accessed by clicking on the group icon at far left:

Image example of selecting a class from your teaching schedule

Once in the class roster you should be able to see the student’s name, along with email address, photo, program and plan, as well as grade level.

To see photos inline with the class roster, click the Photo Class Roster tab:

Image example of photo class roster tab

This view will display student photos one-by-one.  You can advance by selecting the arrows on the blue bar.  To see the entire class in a printable view, select View All:

Image example of View All tab

Some photos appear as “No photo on file”:

Image example of no photo on file result

This is because the student has not yet acquired a student ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can only view one student at a time, and I’d like to see the whole class.

Click the Photo Class Roster tab, then click View All.  This will set how your photos display when you go back to the Faculty Class Roster page.  If you have set your Photo Class Roster set to View All, when you click a single student on the Faculty Class Roster, you will see all photos, not just the photo of the student you selected.  To see one photo at a time, click View 1 on the Photo Class Roster page.

How can I print my Class Roster?

You can use your browser’s print functionality to print a class roster.

A student has dropped my class, but I can still see a photo.

You can see only enrolled student photos by setting the “Enrollment Status” drop-down to Enrolled.  Once a student’s photo has been placed online, it will remain visible on rosters.

One of my students is missing a photo from the roster.

New photos taken at Campus ID will appear online every 24-48 hours, depending on when the photo was taken during the day.  A student must have a photo on file with Campus ID in order to have a photo on the roster.

I am not able to see drop-in advisee photos.

When you are viewing drop-in advisee information, you are being directed to the Advisee Student Center; student photos are not available through the Student Center.

More Info

The testing of class rosters and advisee rosters for patch sets, PeopleTools, upgrades, etc. will be owned by the Registrar’s Office.  OIT will provide support for problems with the interfaces, photos that stop showing up, and resolving issues where students have a valid campus ID, but no photo on the roster.

For more information, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 426-4357 (email: