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Screen Recording: Record Your Computer Screen and Voice

Screen recording is the process of recording your computer screen, video, audio and voice narration. Faculty, staff and students can use screen recording videos to demonstrate how to use software, navigate websites and even to make videos of Powerpoint presentations. Screen recording is also known as lecture capture, desktop capture, screen capture or screencasting. Screen recording usually occurs outside of the classroom.

Faculty, talk to an instructional design consultant about how you might use video to meet your instructional intent and learning objectives.

Five Steps to Create Screen Recording Videos at Boise State



  1. SETUP: Required account setup and software.
  2. PREPARE: Project management, scripting, practice, clean up your desktop, use a webcam or USB mic for best audio.
  3. CREATE: Record your computer screen using Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac or Techsmith Relay.
  4. UPLOAD: How to upload videos using Techsmith Relay along with Techsmith Relay Profiles.
  5. PUBLISH and SHARE:> How to publish videos to Blackboard, myBoiseState Mobile app, YouTube and websites.

1. Setup for Screen Recording

Allow plenty of time to set up your accounts and software. This part of the process can take a couple of days depending on the level of custom setup required.

2. Prepare for Screen Recording

  • Create a project folder with subfolders for your script, recording and project files and one for additional media (photos, audio, video, etc.).
  • Create a script and/or outline of the process you want to demonstrate in your video.
  • Practice going through the process or presentation with your script.
  • Clean up desktop icons and change your background to a solid color to eliminate visual distractions.
  • Plug in a webcam or USB mic to get the best possible audio.

3. Create Screen Recording Videos: Record and Edit

Record Screen Recording Videos

  • Record your screen using Camtasia StudioCamtasia for Mac or TechSmith Relay. Note, TechSmith Relay allows you to record your screen and immediately upload and share your video. Camtasia Studio/for Mac allows you to edit your video before uploading and sharing.
  • Select screen recording size: full screen or custom.
  • Toggle video on or off for picture-in-picture.
  • Select your audio input and check audio levels.
  • Start/pause recording with the <F9> key.
  • Stop recording with the <F10> key.

Edit Screen Recording Videos

  • Edit your screen recording video using Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac.
  • If you want to add zooming, set your editing dimensions should be smaller than recording dimensions. It’s a good idea to use the suggested/default recommended editing dimensions.
  • Save your recording file (.camrec) and your project file (.camproj) with the same name and keep these in the same folder you created during the “Prepare” stage.
  • Use the spacebar to start/stop video playback in the canvas and timeline.

4. Upload your Screen Recording Videos

Upload videos from Camtasia Studio/Mac using TechSmith Relay.

5. Publish and Share your Screen Recording Videos

Publish and share videos uploaded to YouTube or your TechSmith Relay Library.